This lynx absolutely loves getting brushed and it’s the cutest thing ever

We have no idea what it’s like to take care of a wild cat, but watching this lynx enjoying its morning brush makes it look like a pretty cool gig. Rumble Viral shared the clip of a Canada Lynx named Maxwell receiving the VIP treatment from his caretaker, and it’s the cutest sight ever.

In the clip, it’s obvious that Maxwell has shed a TON of winter fur, and the way he reacts to his brushing is definitely one of those things that cats do without realizing they’re adorable. While his caretaker removes the excess fur and talks to him to keep him calm and still, he’s super squirmy and continuously flops and grabs at the brush with his huge paws, but he appears to love every minute of his spa #caturday.

While Maxwell just doesn’t seem to be able to hold still (not even the magic of the belly rub worked on him), this back brushing technique finally brings out his inner zen and he starts to really get into it:

Finally, we see him at his calmest after the post-brush shoulder and face massage, when he closes his eyes and temporarily goes to cat heaven because it feels SOOO good.

We imagine if someone added this cat to that hilarious video of the Planet Earth II animals screaming like humans, it would actually sound more like an extremely satisfied sigh. This entire video is pretty much how we look when someone else attempts to groom us, so we totally feel ya, Maxwell.

So, are the we only ones feeling like we’re totally overdue for a massage appointment?