Lykke Li covering Drake might be the only song we ever need

The great thing about cover songs is that they always put a unique spin on the original sound. An artist can come along and give a completely new vibe to a song that many are already familiar with. That’s exactly what Swedish singer-songwriter Lykke Li has done with her latest cover – and this time, she’s adapted a Drake original. Contributing her lilting vocals with a melancholy take on the melody, it makes “Hold On, We’re Going Home” sound completely different than it ever did before.

It’s not the first time she’s covered another artist – in 2011, she performed a cover of the Righteous Brothers’ famous hit, “Unchained Melody” as well as a cover of The Big Pink’s “Velvet” as a part of MTV’s revival of the Unplugged TV show. If you’re still scratching your head – or trying to figure out exactly where you’ve heard her voice before, her own song “Get Some” has been making the rounds in various TV shows over the last few years.

Lykke Li might not be a household name, but her sound is so different from anything else out there that it seems like it’ll only be a matter of time before everyone knows who she is. Check out the video of her Drizzy cover below. We’re sensing major potential for a duet between her and Drake in the very near future.

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