Lyft is doing something amazing for senior citizens

The rise of smartphone-powered ride-sharing and cab-hailing makes getting around your town or city ten times easier. However, if you don’t have a smartphone, you miss out on this convenience and sometimes end up left in the lurch. That’s often the case for senior citizens. More than a quarter of Americans 65 or older don’t own a smartphone, and therefore often have to delay important medical appointments due to travel constraints. Lyft says, no more.

Yesterday, the ride-sharing app announced a partnership with the National MedTrans Network, reports TechCrunch. They’ve introduced a third-party web app for riders called Concierge. This allows partners, like the National MedTrans Network, to order Lyfts on behalf of those who are unable to do it themselves, giving them same information you would were you using the app.

“Working with Lyft, we’re helping patients live healthier lives by providing reliable, enjoyable rides to their appointments,” said President of National Medtrans Network, Billy McKee, in a blog post. “Using transportation-as-a-service like this, the health plans and government agencies we partner with are significantly reducing fraud, saving costs, and improving the patient experience. We provide over 25,000 livery trips per week in NYC, and our goal is to push all of those through Lyft.”

While this feature is currently only available in New York City, we hope its inevitable success inspires the app to help senior citizens all over.

(Image via Bloomberg/Getty Images)