Lyft introduced three new in-app safety features that could actually save your life

On Tuesday, May 21st, Lyft unveiled a series of new changes to its app that aim to make your ride a lot safer. For starters, the ride-sharing company has plans to install an in-app panic button into passengers’ Lyft apps. With a single tap, users can discreetly dial 911 if they believe they’re in danger.

Lyft has already implemented the panic-button feature in drivers’ apps as of 2018. It dials authorities and enables location tracking so police can be on the scene within minutes, if need be. Competing ride-share service Uber launched its version of an in-app panic button in May 2018. To minimize accidental 911 dials, Uber placed its panic button inside the app’s swipe-up “safety center.” Users must verify they meant to tap the 911 button before the call goes through.

Lyft also announced it’ll enlarge the license plate number within the app so passengers can clearly identify their driver’s car before getting inside.

These new safety features will be implemented just a month after University of South Carolina student Samantha Josephson misidentified her Uber and got into the car of Nathaniel David Rowland, who kidnapped and killed her.

Finally, Lyft passengers will be asked to submit mandatory feedback after rating a driver less than four stars.

The driver will receive this info anonymously so they can improve their rating and create a safer environment within their vehicle. Drivers will also have the option to partake in Lyft-sponsored sexual harassment prevention training. Hopefully, this will result in fewer reported cases of assault from Lyft drivers.

We’re glad that both Lyft and Uber are looking out for their passengers and drivers. Listen to your gut when using either service. If something doesn’t feel right, opt out of the ride. You can always catch another one.

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