Lyft is doing something every company should do for Pride Month

Happy Pride Month, HelloGiggles family! We’re so thankful that we get to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community so heavily this month, although we really do feel like it should be Pride Month every month! The vast range of sexual and gender identities makes our world more beautiful and colorful, and while we love to celebrate this, we also love when other companies and brands celebrate this, too. Perfect example: Lyft just added the Human Rights Campaign to its “Round up and Donate” campaign, and we are here for this little difference that goes along way.

If you choose to participate in this campaign, your Lyft bill will be rounded up to the nearest dollar and will be donated to the organization.

If you’d like to participate, simply go to Settings in your Lyft app, tap “Round Up & Donate,” select the HCR, and then click “start donating” to start donating.

This may not cost you a lot, but if everyone who uses Lyft chooses to do this, it could mean a hefty donation to the HRC. The company’s blog expands on the idea of small action as big change, saying,

"In an effort to end stigma and discrimination, Pride celebrates LGBTQ+ identity, visibility, and diversity. And while every Lyft ride is a place to be yourself, share your stories, and ride out loud, we know that’s not the case for everyone, everywhere. So this year, we want to harness our community’s potential in support of the Human Rights Campaign with Round Up & Donate."

So this weekend, as you hit up all the Pride events in your area, may we suggest using Lyft? And rounding up to help make the world a more accepting place? We’ll be doing the same, and crossing our fingers and toes for a time when it feels like Pride Month year-round.

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