Lydia Hearst won the red carpet in this gorgeous floral-goth gown

It takes a lot to stand out on the red carpet these days. Seems like Lydia Hearst has it all covered because her floral-goth gown is a knockout! Rather than stick to boring attire that anyone can pull off, Lydia went all in with a dark floral show-stopper. Consequently, everyone else needed to step up their game!

In addition to blogging, Lydia Hearst knows a thing or two about fashion. Her modeling career has prepped her for occasions such as the premiere of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Lydia and her husband Chris Hardwick blew away the competition to become the best-dressed couple. Luckily, we’ll probably be seeing a lot more amazing outfits from the pair.

Here’s Lydia’s gorgeous gown.


Let’s take a closer look.


And here’s Lydia with two great accessories — her husband and an X-Wing.


First of all, this is not the only time Lydia served us with an amazing ensemble. Her wedding dress was the talk of the town this summer. Because of its pink tones, everyone thought Lydia looked like a princess on her big day.

Seriously, that dress is the stuff of legends. No wonder her red carpet floral-goth gown game is so strong. She’s been practicing!

Stylish Beauty

Lydia Hearst is an heiress to a publishing fortune created by her great-grandfather. Her modeling career and familial ties have helped shape her impeccable fashion taste.

She knows how to strike an amazing pose! While it doesn’t hurt to be in some of those fabulous locations you see on Lydia’s social media, it’s her positive attitude that shines through. Her relationship with Chris Hardwick is also a bonus. The two make a pretty great red carpet team.

Furthermore, the two have been taking adorable kissing photos together that will make you reach for a Kleenex. One day we hope to be in love like this!

Until then, we’ll settle for getting a glimpse into this couple’s life online.