This luxury skincare brand finally launched a cosmetics line and we are swooning

While we may not NEED a luxury skincare brand to launch a beautiful line of cosmetics, we are certainly always open to this reality, and luckily for us, La Mer has launched their new Skincolor de la Mer line. While their classic product, Creme de la Mer, has been generously smoothing our faces and necks for years, now La Mer is providing for our facial makeup needs. Skincolor de la Mer looks fully worthy of a proper swoon whilst emptying your piggy bank.

Don’t you feel luxurious just looking at it?! We do.

The line currently includes three products: foundation, a loose powder, and a concealer, along with two applicator brushes.

The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation, which will be $110, comes in 15 shades, while the foundation comes in four options, and one for the $95 finishing powder.

La Mer is jumping on what they believe to be the future of skincare: hybrid products, aka makeup that would not only provide coverage, but added benefits as well. In an interview with WWD the global brand president of La Mer, Sandra Main, revealed her vision for the multi-purpose cosmetics line:

"Consumers are so sophisticated that they do expect multiple benefits in a product. It’s no longer, ‘This product will do one thing.’ It has to serve you in multiple ways before it’s worthwhile."

The new line of products is now available for sale on the Creme De La Mer website.

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