The newest luxury coffee involves elephant poop. Yup.

If there is one universal truth about coffee drinkers, is that we’re serious about our coffee. Sometimes it’s when we want our coffee (for example, first thing in the morning, hot, in our hands right now). And sometimes it’s what type it is (we’re looking at you people who refuse to go to Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, or vice versa). However, there is the extra level of coffee connoisseur that is so serious they’ll go to crazy extremes to get the best cup — including drinking elephant poop coffee.

Yes, we said it: There is coffee made with elephant poop.

Yep. This is real, and not only is it a thing, these beans costs $198 for a 1.2-ounce bag. This elephant poop coffee is serious business! (Pun intended.)

According to Bloombergthis type of coffee was inspired by Kopi Luwak.

ICYMI, Kopi Luwak is a type of Indonesian coffee that also involves poop. First, the beans are fed to civet cats. Then, the digested beans are taken out of their poop.

 While it seems weird, the process of having an animal digest the coffee breaks down some of the bitterness of the bean. This makes for a smoother brew. However, after news broke that the civet cats were not being treated humanely and that there was fake coffee on the market, Kopi Luwak became less popular.

That’s where businessman Blake Dinkin stepped in. He created the company Black Ivory Coffee, which uses a similar process with elephants in Thailand.

And while elephant poop coffee might sound totally gross and not something you want to try, we have to give Dinkin major props. First of all, the elephants he uses for his business are treated humanely. Additionally, he pays his Thai employees a fair wage. Consequently, he seems very dedicated to running a business that makes the community it’s based out of a better place.

 If you want to try some elephant poop coffee, you might be in luck! The brew is currently available for sale online. Furthermore, it will be released in February in Denmark and Thailand through the Danish craft beer company Mikkeller. Dinkin also sells it to high-end hotels in Asia, and is planning to expand to European hotels and Michelin star restaurants. So, you might be seeing some elephant poop coffee near you soon!