Luxie Beauty’s “Wonder Woman” collection will make you feel like a glamazon

There are few better feelings than being grounded, strong, confident, and powerful — and makeup is a great tool in helping us achieve that! We’ll take inspiration anywhere we can get it, so we’re pumped that Luxie Beauty’s Wonder Woman collection is on its way.

You won’t see us being cynical about the fact that another beauty brand is collaborating with an upcoming film because these gorgeous products speak for themselves. And come on, who doesn’t love Wonder Woman? Girlfriend is a powerful force who doesn’t take crap from anyone and gets shit done! If marketing for the film involves a beauty collaboration, all we’re gonna be is excited — because we benefit from it too!

The Luxie Beauty and Wonder Woman collection will be here super soon, and it’s gonna make us feel like glamazons IRL!

If you’re surprised that such a huge movie would team up with a relatively small brand like Luxie Beauty (compared to mega brands we see at Sephora) you shouldn’t be, because Luxie are making a name for themselves with their high-quality brush sets at affordable prices, as well as their vibrant palettes and gorgeous lash sets.

According to Trendmood’s post, the collection will include a 5-piece brush set as well as a killer compact bearing the iconic Wonder Woman emblem.

The movie is coming out in June, but luckily for us these gorgeous products will be ready to go in May!

The compact is called the Warrior Mirror Compact and we are obsessed with that design. It looks old-timey and just like Wonder Woman’s shield! Can’t you just see yourself checking yourself out with this beauty?

Are you excited about the Wonder Woman movie? We have a feeling it’s going to be a blast regardless of whether you’ve been a lifelong fan of the comic or not.

There’s just nothing better than seeing a powerful woman kicking butt on screen! And hey, if we get some beautiful new brushes and a compact out of it, what can we do?

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