Lush’s once-a-year sale is happening right now, and you’ll want to stock up on all the bath bombs

There’s a once-a-year BOGO sale at Lush happening right now, and Lushies are filling up their carts with all sorts of treats.

Die-hard Lush fans have been awaiting this sale for months, but not everyone knows about the crazy post-Christmas deals. The brand that inspires its fans to immortalize their favorite products in jewelry form does an annual promotion to get holiday products off their shelves, and we really can’t pass it up. Select items are buy one, get one free and can be identified by blue “Buy one, get one!” buttons on the site.

The sale started on Boxing Day, the 26th, and continues until all stock is sold. If you see something you like that’s sold out, be patient as items are being restocked throughout the sale. Lush has instated a 15-minute cart hold feature so you don’t get your purchases bought out from under you. (It’s kind of like buying concert tickets.) Here’s some of the fine print about Lush’s updates to the sale and how it works.

Shop some best-sellers and new favorites. We’ll be stocking up on bath bombs and soaps and makeup and gift packs and other goodies for sure.

This sale is the (bath) bomb.

Your #LushShelfie could look like this.

Here are a few of the offerings from the Lush BOGO sale:

1Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb, $7.95


It’s a seasonal orb of delight.

2Baked Alaska soap, $6.95


A psychedelic citrus scrubber.

3Little Snow Fairy set, $19.95


A gift you can give any time.

4Ambition lipstick, $24.95


Did you know that Lush makes makeup? Cruelty-free and vegan like all their other products.

5Starry Night knot-wrap, $6.95


It’s gift wrapper, it’s a scarf, it’s fabulous.

6Saucy Snowcake soap, $7.95   


Unlike the dessert table at holiday dinner, this treat is calorie-free.

7Shades of Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh lip block, $19.95


A solid metallic makeup you can apply anywhere.

8Shoot for the Stars bath bomb, $7.75


A classic.

9Happiness eyeshadow, $20.95 


A golden ray of sunshine for your lids.

10Man in the Moon bubble bar, $12.95


Be sure to pack cocoa butter and neroli oil for your trip to the moon.

11Control eyeliner, $24.95



Shop the Lush Cosmetics BOGO Sale online or in stores.

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