This bar of soap is sending a message about LGBTQ acceptance

It’s a historic day for equality in this country with the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide. But there are still more hurdles to cross before LGBTQ inequality is truly a thing of the past—for example, in 76 countries it’s still illegal to be gay. That’s why Lush Cosmetics has partnered with the global gay rights advocacy group All Out for their #GayIsOK campaign, to denounce homophobic laws internationally and spread the message of acceptance. And they’re doing it all with a bar of soap.

Lush is selling glittery-gold bars of soap that say “Gay is OK” in raised letters, perfumed with Lush’s “Love” scent, for $5.95, in stores around the world. They’re asking customers who purchase the bar to pose for selfies and spread the good word on social media with the #GayIsOK hashtag. Their aim is to support human rights efforts in countries across the planet where being gay is a crime. With a goal of raising $385,000, all proceeds will be distributed to global grassroots LGBT equality groups. Meanwhile, the campaign’s social media goal is to rally 10 million people around the world to participate by posting photos in support of the cause. So far, their plan is working, with the hashtag spreading like wildfire across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

That said, not every Lush store can participate in the campaign. Out of over 900 Lush stores in 51 countries, there are about 80 stores that, because of their nation’s laws, will not be able to sell the “Gay Is OK” bars in their store. The fact that so many stores will not be legally able to support this message of equality, drives home the importance of turning our attention to LGBT rights on a global scale.

Andre Banks, co-founder and executive director of All Out, believes that global equality for the LGBT community is a paradigm shift we will see in our lifetimes.

“I believe we can get to a point in time when the work of All Out is unnecessary. When I think about the 76 countries where it’s a crime to be gay, and the 10 countries where it might cost you your life, I also think about the real possibility of getting those numbers down to 0 and 0 within our lifetime,” Banks said, in a statement posted on Lush’s website. “I see a shift of consciousness happening, where we as global citizens – not just as citizens of our own countries – are deciding that the promise of human rights should be realized for everyone, including people who are LGBTQ. I am watching this shift happen every single day, and it’s happening a lot faster than it was five years ago, and way faster than it was 10 years ago.”

We desperately want to see this happen in our lifetimes too, and we hope that this campaign is a smashing success, and that this inspires millions to fight the good fight and get us closer to equality.

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