Lush revamped their Audrey Hepburn-inspired bath bomb, and it’s flamingo pink

If you’re a bath person, then there’s a good chance that you’ve combed through the bath bomb section at Lush. While their bath selection is perfect from top to bottom, there’s a special place in our hearts for the Lush Pink Bath Bomb, inspired by Audrey Hepburn. Created in honor of one of the most famous scenes from her film Funny Face, this Flamingo pink bath bomb just got a makeover so that it feels more like Audrey and the movie.

Lush has amassed legions of beauty-crazed fans, thanks to their innovative approach to skin care, beauty, and self-care. Not only are their products effective and feel delicious on your skin, but they’re soothing and beautiful as well.

The newly revamped (and reformulated) Lush Pink Audrey Hepburn bath bomb is now available for $8.95.


This sweetly-scented bath bomb is definitely giving us Audrey vibes.

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If you haven’t seen Funny Face, the idea for the bath bomb is specifically taken from a moment in the film when the editor-in-chief of Quality Magazine, Maggie Prescott, (played by Kay Thompson) is suddenly inspired by swathes of pink fabric surrounding her. The song couldn’t be more delightful, and Lush has altered the bath bomb to more accurately look like the fabric, both in its original form and after it’s been deployed in the tub.

You’ll sit in a swirl of pink that washes around you like fabric billowing around your body.

Pop on over to Lush and pick up one of these new bath bombs for yourselves. Lush is coming out with a whole bunch of new products today, so you better jump on them before beauty fans whisk them all away. And if you haven’t seen Funny Face, treat yourself to a viewing. It really doesn’t get any better than Audrey and Fred Astaire dancing together.

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