Lush was named one of the most diverse companies in the U.S., proving beauty can be empowering

In news that will surprise absolutely no one who shops there, Lush was just rated one of the most diverse companies in the U.S. by Forbes. How incredible is that? Anyone who has ever seen the brand’s beautiful and inclusive ad campaigns probably saw this one coming, and we couldn’t be happier.

Not only are four out of the six executive directors at Lush women, but the company proactively works to maintain a diverse workforce. Forbes compiled a list of companies that employed people of all genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, ages, and disabilities and found that Lush has made itself a safe space for everyone.

Part of what makes Lush so special (along with its fantastic products) is that it loves and encourages individuality. Its employees and customers are just as diverse as its wide range of products. Lush has always used its platform to stand for inclusivity and highlight humanitarian issues. This news is definitely motivating us to drop some of our hard-earned coin over at Lush.

We are absolutely excited that Lush has been named one of the most diverse beauty brands in the country.

Don’t you love contributing to brands that do good?

Some of the ways in which Lush maintains diversity and inclusivity is by using its own staff as models, running ethical campaigns fighting for the rights of its employees and others, welcoming all people into its stores, and working with people across the entire world.

Lush’s employees wholeheartedly vouch for the brand’s commitment to inclusion. Peter Seney, Lush’s Digital PR Coordinator tells HelloGiggles,

"Since my very first day at Lush I have always felt part of the family. Working for a company that accepts me for who I am and openly fights for inclusivity and equality is what makes me truly proud to work here."

And he’s not the only one who feels that way. Lush employee Natasha Dennis tells us that, “Lush is the first place I have ever worked where I am 100% out and 100% me. It’s so great to see Lush being recognized for the inclusivity they fight for every day.”

Visit your local Lush store and congratulate its lovely employees who always make us feel like we’re home.

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