These Lush products have the cutest backstories

It seems like beauty brands just have the best product names. Maybe it’s because most beauty products and makeup have the look and feel of magical potions. (Sometimes to quite literal effect.) Regardless, we’re always down to learn more about our favorite products.

Enter: cult beauty brand Lush, which has loads of meaning for some of their most popular items.

For instance, take Lush’s Blackberry Bath Bomb:

The center of the bath bomb contains a slip of paper that says “Boom boom!” That’s because the original design of the bath bomb also contained a little fuse for the full bomb effect. Nowadays, the fuse is gone but the inspiration remains.

How about the Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb? That sounds like a fictional fairytale character, but the real origin is probably familiar to you.

The term itself comes from a book by Geoffrey Griggson, The Englishman’s Flora. That’s not so recognizable, but the phrase basically names this action:

Those plucked flower petals now make a lot more sense.

And then there’s the brand’s Shower Jellies:

The kind of weird solid texture to the jellies reminds a lot of people of Jell-O. And guess what: that’s part of the inspiration. When the UK brand turned ten, they looked to a traditional English birthday favorite — ice cream and Jell-O — for a new product line.

For more backstories, read the whole Refinery29 piece here. Now, time to deep dive into Lush’s Instagram… for research, of course.

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