Lush’s Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb has arrived, so bath time just got more magical

Lush’s latest bathtime innovation features the return of a favorite holiday scent that’s…well, the bomb. Cult-fave Christmas scent Snow Fairy is back in a new form, the Jelly Bomb. She’s available online now and will be landing in Lush shops across North America starting November 20th.

The long-awaited orb smells like sweet vanilla and bubblegum and turns your bathwater into a magical pink brew. The “jelly” refers to carrageen seaweed, a skin-softening ingredient. In addition to the Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb (retailing for $7.95), there are six other sparkly seasonal products in the collection. We will take one of each. Um, make that two.

Happy Holidays to us!


The original Snow Fairy product, a shower gel, is available in several sizes, as well as a “naked” solid version sans packaging. Snow Fairy Body Conditioner also comes in regular and naked versions. There’s a super cute sparkly Cold Pressed Soap and a Sparkle Jar. Finally, there’s a gift set that’ll make you the fairy queen of your office’s white elephant party.


1Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb, $7.95


Lushies everywhere are so stoked for this vegan, cruelty-free bomb. Would you look at that pink water? We have heart eyes.

2Snow Fairy Shower Gel, $9.95-$32.95

3Snow Fairy Naked Shower Gel, $12.95


No packaging means it’s as good for the environment as it is for your skin…and your spirits.

4Snow Fairy Body Conditioner, $11.95-$19.95

5Snow Fairy Naked Body Conditioner, $10.95

6Snow Fairy Cold Pressed Soap, $6.95

7Snow Fairy Sparkle Jar, $9.95


It’s a powder, it’s a moisturizer…it’s both!

8Little Snow Fairy Gift, $19.95


A gift for fairies of all sizes.

Buy the Lush Snow Fairy collection on now.

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