Lush just dropped its Halloween collection, so snatch up that black cat Bubble Bar ASAP

Few skincare brands inspire as much devotion as Lush, and with good reason — their products are accessible, eco-friendly, adorable, and made with incredible ingredients that make your skin look amazing. Start apologizing to your bank account, because the Lush Halloween Collection comes out today, so you can just say goodbye to your paycheck now.

You’ll be able to indulge your dark side with this massive collection of spooky-inspired bath products that include the cutest bath bombs you’ve ever seen, to the sexiest goth lip balm to ever exist. We are definitely feeling the spirit of the moon with this collection.

You can get the Lush Halloween Collection online today.

The line will be available in-stores beginning Sept. 18th.

This limited-edition collection features Halloween delights that will put you in a seasonal celebratory mood. We love anything that helps us nourish our little goth hearts, and if it just so happens that it also nourishes our skin — even better!

The Lush Halloween Collection includes just about the cutest bath bombs and more.

We’ve got our eyes on these cuties:

1Pumpkin Bath Bomb, $7.75.


This jack-o-lantern bath bomb contains a spiced pie fragrance of cinnamon, vanilla, and pimento berry.

2Bewitched Bubble Bar, $7.95.


You’d never know that cats don’t like water with this sweet, earthy bath balm made of bergamot and frankincense.

3Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb, $7.75.


The spicy herbal fragrance features patchouli and black pepper oil and was inspired by the Pagan festival known as The Feast of the Fools.

4Black Rose Naked Lip Scrub, $6.95.


This solid, naked lip scrub has a moisturizing base of coconut oil, castor sugar, and activated charcoal while a blend of murumuru and illipe butters nourish and protect.

5Black Rose Lip Tint, $10.95.


This magical lip tint looks black, but changes into a bright, vibrant berry tint when applied.

6Pink Pumpkin Bubble Bar, $7.95.


Turn your bathwater an iridescent bright pink and enjoy the blend of bergamot, geranium, and jasmine. The romantic floral notes will have you wondering if you just stepped into a love potion.

If you’re thinking of playing Halloween Santa and picking up some Lushoween-themed gifts, you’re going to love these.

7Mystic Knot Wrap, $6.95


So much cooler than a regular gift bag — and it doubles as a scarf!

8Bewitched Wrapped Gift, $29.95


This black cat wrapped gift includes everything you need for a super spooky bath night: Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb, a sparkly Pink Pumpkin Bubble Bar, and a Bewitched Bubble Bar.

If you’ve been waiting on the Secret Arts and Ectoplasm Jelly Bombs, a Lush rep tells HelloGiggles they are coming out soon. We’ll be sure to let you know when they are available. How could we possibly pick just one of these spook-tacular delights? Our skin is crying out for some love, and these new products are just what the doctor ordered. Shop the whole collection here.

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