Your best hair days are here, because Lush just released its new Hot Oil Hair Treatments

If your hair is in dire need of some love, you’ll be happy to hear that Lush has released its new Hot Oil Treatment collection! The revamped hair care line consists of five different treatments for your ‘do. These come in the form of a solid stick that resembles a popsicle, or a Belgian hot chocolate stick, according to the brand’s description.

Aside from its whimsical form, the product is also eco-conscious and innovative — illustrated instructions are printed directly on the stick, eliminating the need for extra packaging. The drawings are also a way to communicate to customers regardless of language. Think of how the world communicates through emojis, aka modern hieroglyphics; it’s in that same genius vein.

In a press release, Director of Brand Communications Lush Cosmetics North America, Brandi Halls, said:

“We are always looking to create innovative products at Lush, which is why we’re so happy to relaunch our hair treatments in a naked, solid and preservative-free form. But beyond this, the new hot oil treatments ‘speak’ to a larger audience without words. The digitally printed illustrations on the wooden stick mean that the product instructions are straightforward and accessible to Lushies regardless of their native tongue.

To use these cute lil sticks, boil some water and place the treatment in a heatproof container, like your favorite coffee mug. Add a cup of the boiling water to the treatment and stir with its stick. As you add more water, the product will thicken and completely be removed from the stick. After it cools a bit, apply to dry hair and leave for 20 minutes before shampooing and conditioning.


Find out about each treatment below.

1Hair Doctor Hot Oil Treatment, $10.95


Ingredients like rosemary and peppermint are the remedy for a scalp that needs some tender care.

2Marilyn Hot Oil Treatment, $12.95


For blonde babes that need a little oomph, Marilyn is the ~star~ treatment.

3Yuge Hot Oil Treatment, $10.95


You might have remembered this interestingly named Lush product from an announcement earlier this year. Yuge contains sea salt, which helps add volume to lifeless locks. You know what they say — the higher the hair the closer to heaven.

4New Hot Oil Treatment, $10.95


Cinnamon and bay leaf perk up the scalp, encouraging hair growth, while jojoba and olive oil provides much-needed hydration.

5Damaged Hot Oil Treatment, $10.95


If your hair is dry and damaged, a variety of oils (consisting of olive, almond, and organic avocado oil) will help bring your hair back to life.

Lush’s Hot Oil Treatments are available now. Shop all of the brand’s hair treatments here.

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