Lush Cosmetics teased their upcoming fresh collection, and now we’re dreaming about spring

It is endlessly comforting to daydream about spring in February when the cold and snowy weather feels most oppressive. So it was a smart move when Lush Cosmetics shared a sneak peek of their upcoming products on Instagram using the aesthetics of a spring picnic.

Now we have yet another corporate vision of hope to look at while going crazy waiting for spring to return. The lay out of bright new Lush products feature all manners of bath goodies. It looks like there are numerous soaps, bath bombs, and even a gorgeous bright golden egg that we assume possesses magical transformative powers.

Everything featured here makes us want to jump a plane to Hawaii, so we can have a beach picnic.

Really, anywhere sunny and springlike will do at this point.

Because it’s the first sneak peek of their spring bath line, we sadly don’t have any names, prices, or further details about the new products.

We just know that they’re cute, and we’re ready to divorce the winter.

But in the meantime, we’re grateful for pretty spring treats to daydream about.

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Now we just need a time machine to speed up the last two months of winter!

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