This is how Lush Cosmetics has supported the LGBTQ community over the years

June is a month full of beauty. There’s the summer solstice, the beginning of beach weather, the end of school (for students) and most importantly, it’s LGBT Pride Month. In their typical endearing fashion, Lush Cosmetics is celebrating Pride Month by making waves and rainbows with their cute collection of cruelty-free shampoo bars.

While the visuals of all 12 colorful shampoo bars make a delightful visual tribute to Pride month, this certainly isn’t the first time Lush has expressed support the LGBT community.

Back in 2015, when the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage, Lush launched an LGBT acceptance campaign featuring their “Gay is Okay” soap.

The whole campaign featured everyone from Lush employees to followers across the world. The soap was also golden, which made us love it even more.

Also, this Valentine’s Day they launched their #bettertogether campaign which featured adorable same-sex couples.

They wanted to help celebrate and uplift gay couples in a deeply hetero-normative culture. It was genuinely sweet seeing portraits of all the happy couples.

This year, Lush wants to remind you that their wide selection of shampoo bars make the perfect ingredients for a sweet smelling pride rainbow.

You can also collect a bunch of your favorite color and go for a monochrome vibe.

However, if you want to join the celebrations and share your pride for the LGBTQ community, you can shop this cute rainbow-themed bar for $9.95.

Whether you partake in a shampoo bar or not, hopefully, everyone can have as much fun this Pride month as Lush.