Lush took our obsession with fidget spinners seriously and created a bubble bar shaped like one

Fidget spinners have taken the world by storm, and for good reason. An affordable pocket-size toy that helps manage anxiety is a brilliant invention, and useful to so many of us. Despite the popularity, we could’ve never predicted that fidget spinner-shaped bubble bars from Lush would become a thing. But here we are!

In what is truly one of the most creative launches from Lush Cosmetics (which is saying a LOT given their rich history), the skin care scientists at the UK-based Lush Kitchenunleashed reusable bubble bars shaped like fidget spinners. These soap contraptions have a wooden peg in the middle to keep the structure in place and are meant to be used multiple times.

All you do is start running the water, spin the bubble bar until you get enough bath bubbles, and set it aside for the next time.

This is pretty genius, yes?! The bubble bar itself smells like delicious citrus essential oils, so you can release your nervous energy with some fidget spins and a luxe bath.

Unsurprisingly, these Bubble Spinners were so popular they immediately sold out, and it’s easy to see why.

However, we have a feeling Lush will bring them back for all of us who missed out (we’re hoping this product comes over to the U.S.) There are no concrete promises, but we have faith.

Now bath time can be relaxing in a few ways at once.

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