Lush Cosmetics is here to help you pick out the perfect gift for Father’s Day with their new collection

Dads get very little when it comes to luxurious bath bombs and fun grooming products, and enough is enough! As a way of standing up for dads who crave smooth skin everywhere, Lush Cosmetics is releasing a Father’s Day line of decadent and fresh smelling bath bombs and facial scrubs for the dads, or dad-like figures in your life.

The generous collection full of Father’s Day gift ideas launches on the Lush’s website on May 18th and will be available in Lush stores near you starting May 26th. Since Father’s Day isn’t until June 18th, this gives us plenty of time to shop.

Shall we preview some of the gifts in the line?

That was rhetorical, we’re DOING THIS whether you’re ready or not.

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The Superdad Bath Bomb from Lush will be $8.95


The Smuggler’s Soul Facial Scrub from Lush will be $8.95


The Smuggler’s Soul Shampoo Bar from Lush will be $16.95


The Stairway to Heaven Soap from Lush will be $6.75


The Modfather Bubble Bar from Lush will be $5.95


We appreciate how this line manages affordability while still offering a full variety of styles and options of bath products.

You can shop online for your dad starting May 18th, and hop into a local Lush stores starting May 26th!

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