Watch out, pumpkin spice — Lush’s Cardamom Coffee fragrance is going to be our favorite fall scent

If you’re growing weary of the pumpkin spice fever that seems to hit every September (yes, folks, there are even pumpkin spice Pringles now), then perhaps it’s time you switched over to cardamom coffee. Why? you might ask. Lush has created a new cardamom coffee scent, and it’s sure to be your new fall fave.

While most fall scents, which usually pack on woody and musky notes, the cozy new cardamom coffee scent goes on spicy and sweet, with a delicate hint of rose oil. This warming and sensual fragrance is a perfect way to transition out of those fruity or floral summer perfumes you may have difficulty parting with.


The new cardamom coffee fragrance also comes with a pretty heart-warming story, as Lush’s head ethical buyer Simon Constantine was inspired to create the fragrance while passing through a refugee camp in Syria. While many living in the camp had already lost so much, Constantine was still given a generous cup of cardamom coffee to enjoy while visiting.

Constantine wanted to capture the generosity of that experience and bring this aromatic experience to Lush fans everywhere.


While the new cardamom coffee scent is already available Lush’s three Gorilla Gallery tours, Lush fanatics can expect this spicy scent to hit North American shops later this year. And available in solid and liquid form, this scent is the perfect fall fragrance.

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