Lush Cosmetics came out with a cute bath bomb that also helps a good cause

In all honesty, the delicious, scented, frothy bath bombs that come out of Lush Cosmetics hardly need any marketing, since their affordable and addictive products keep us coming back for more bathing goodies. So really, it just intensifies our love knowing that the new Lush Cosmetics bath bomb sends proceeds to help a good cause! The brand new limited-edition bath bomb is called the “Great Bear Bath Bomb” and 100% of the sales proceeds are going to their Grizzly Grants fund, which will spread the funds between various organizations that protect grizzly bears in the US!

This is all part of Lush’s massive “Ban The Trophy Hunt” campaign which seeks to support and protect bears all over North America! They’re in the process of making a documentary about the bear hunting epidemic.

You can peep the trailer and share with the hashtag #TROPHYFILM if you feel inclined.

The “Great Bear Bath Bomb” is only available for purchase from November 1st through 9th in stores and online for only $7, so you’ve gotta buy it quick!

Look at how cute and tender that bear is.


If the concept of helping protect bears through a soothing self-care act isn’t motivating enough on its own, it also smells of the popular Lush Guardian of the Forest scent. So you’ll be channeling a fresh and gentle ruggedness while sending distant love to some bears.

Thank you Lush for helping us smell good while DOING some good at the same time!

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