Attention, cat lovers: Lush’s black cat-shaped Bewitched Bubble Bar is selling out fast

Oh, meowza! For those of you who love cats and bubble baths alike, you’ll want to run (not walk) on over to your local Lush Cosmetics store. Because the latest seasonal Bewitched Bubble Bar features a Salem-the-cat-inspired bath bar that smells like purrr-fection, and it’s going to make you go berzerk!

Shaped in the form of our favorite Sabrina the Teenage Witch feline, this black cat bath bar is full of mystical powers of its own, like being perfectly on-point for the Halloween season. Okay, maybe no ~actual~ magic was involved in the making of the kitties. But you get the picture.

Chock-full of seasonally scented frankincense oil, bergamot, and a pinch of glitter, this feline-shaped bath bar smells like a Halloween dream. Oh, and have we mentioned that it’ll dye your bath black? Now that’s a Halloween trick we wouldn’t mind!

C’mon—we *so* think Salem Saberhagen would dig this bath goodie. Even if, you know, cats aren’t particularly keen on baths. He’d definitely make an exception.

Social media-savvy beauty buffs have already started to spread the word about Lush’s Bewitched Bubble Bar. Which is only making us want to throw down the $8 to get our own cat-inspired bath bar (or heck, even a few!).

If you’re clawing at the opportunity to get your paws on one of these Bewitched Bubble Bars, then you’re not alone. Like we said, Lush lovers are going ga-ga for the adorably shaped bath goodie both online and in-stores, and we expect that it’ll be sold out — and subsequently all over your Instagram feeds — in no time.

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