People are getting Lush bath bomb tattoos, and we can’t stop staring

They say the most important thing about choosing which tattoo to get is to pick something you know you’re going to love forever. Apparently, there are people out there are who are in a lifelong romance with Lush bath bombs, and they’re not afraid to get the ink to prove it. Tattoo artist Shelby Lauren recently had a group of nine Lush employees come in asking for Lush-related tattoos. And they look pretty damn cool.

Brittney Minor was one of the nine, and she explained how this tattoo miracle came to be. “On shift, my Lush family and I were talking about how much the brand has had an impact on us and I mentioned I wanted to get a tattoo to celebrate, and they all jumped at the idea,” she says.

She got a pink bath bomb tattooed on her arm, with a banner that says Lush Life. Cooler than you expected, right? The other eight Lush employees got their own unique design. One of them had a bath bomb inked on that said “You Da Bomb.” Kitschy, cute, adorable, etc.

In addition to getting bath bomb tattoos, some had images of Lush’s vegan and vegetarian icons inked on, as a nod to the company’s cruelty-free promise. The idea apparently gained a lot of positive attention when they put the pictures online.

“When we posted our Lush ink to the private Facebook group, I was overwhelmed by the likes and comments from Lushies across North America saying how they now want to get Lush tattoos too,” Brittney says. These Lush enthusiasts may have inadvertently started a brand new trend.

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