Lush’s April Fools’ bath bomb is the one beauty prank we wish were real

After a long, hard day at work, who doesn’t want to settle into a nice, warm bath with a cold beer or glass of wine? Lush knows we need to unwind and get a little me-time in, which is why Lush’s new Beer Bath Bomb is the perfect way to end a long workday.

Lush’s newest bath bomb does double duty — you get a nice, relaxing bath and a delicious, foamy drink all-in-one! Mmm, good. With Lush’s diverse tradition of making products that are ethically produced and cruelty-free, the Beer Bath Bomb is made with protein-rich, ethically sourced vegan stout and mood-boosting organic roasted barley, hops, water, and yeast.

The Lush Beer Bath Bomb will be available on April Fools’ Day. Uhh, we mean, April 1st. Sorry, we didn’t mean to prank you for this long. Lush really had us going there, too. How incredibly delicious and soothing would this actually be if it were really launching? We’ll just shop Lush’s adorable Easter collection instead.

We have to admit, if a Lush Beer Bath Bomb actually existed, we’d be the first ones to try it.


Lush even released an instructional video outlining exactly how to use the April Fools’ bath bombs. We won’t lie, it’s part gross and part mouth-watering.


You can check out the hilarious video, below.

Maybe next time, Lush will actually follow through with its pranks. Because this is one April Fools’ trick we wish were real.

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