Alert: Lupita Nyong’o might be wearing the best yellow bikini of all time

We already know Lupita Nyong’o is a queen, so when we saw her in this yellow bikini we became instantly convinced that it’s the best look of all time. Like, everyone looks beyond rad in a bikini, but there’s something about this one that feels truly special (and, obviously, we’re assuming Lupita Nyong’o’s radiating loveliness is *probably* that thing).

Lupita has been vacationing abroad, taking some time out in Bali to, as she hashtagged, #EscapeToMulia. Clearly it’s a good look, and she’s filling us with 100% envy. But we love her way too much to be jealous.

She is serious #EverythingGoals in this shot

The Insta has #CarefreeBlackGirl written ALL over it, and it just has our hearts. Considering how harsh this summer has been for us all, but especially for members of the black community, we’re totally here for Lupita just relaxing, and enjoying summer for what it’s supposed to be: chill AF.

Like, look at how perfectly beachy she is?

Ugh, take us WITH YOU.

The hashtags alone are a guide to what we need

She’s talented, she’s nothing short of a beauty queen, and she’s somehow constantly bursting with good vibes. We need her in our #squad, and we also need her as our shopping buddy, because, seriously, how does she do it?


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