Here’s why Michael B. Jordan keeps doing push-ups for Lupita Nyong’o

If you’ve been following the Black Panther press tour or have spent any time on Twitter recently, you’ll have noticed something pretty amazing, and it’s not just the incredibly electric chemistry between Michael B. Jordan and Lupita Nyong’o — but you’ve definitely noticed that.

In the moments where you *weren’t* swooning over the idea of Jordan and Nyong’o falling in love, you might have noticed that Jordan keeps dropping to give Nyong’o a push-up, whenever she says. Besides being endlessly adorable, there’s a reason Nyong’o keeps randomly demanding a push-ups. Jordan reportedly lost a bet with Nyong’o on the set of Black Panther, and his punishment? He now must do a push-up whenever she commands.

While the contents of the bet haven’t been made public, Nyong’o has relished in making Jordan pay up big time.

The bet first captured the attention of fans during the Twitter Q&A when Nyong’o added her push-up command to the moderator’s question for Jordan. Director Ryan Coogler explained the idea of “on-call push-ups,” adding that as part of the bet, no matter what Jordan is doing, he must drop and give Nyong’o a push-up on her command. “She’s cold-blooded,” Jordan said of Nyong’o ruthless calls for push-ups.

Since taking this bet public, Nyong’o has not held back on calling for push-ups. While at the Calvin Klein show with Jordan and Letitia Wright during Fashion Week, Nyong’o surprised Jordan with a push-up between the seats. Naturally, Jordan braved the spilled popcorn on the floor and complied, but not before telling the camera, “She’s brutal. She’s brutal.”

The NYFW push-up left Nyong’o with only three left to command, and we can be sure she’s dishing them out carefully. Even jetlag and being showered with a number of glowing complements didn’t stop Nyong’o from commanding Jordan do another push-up on the set of The View.

“I definitely have time to talk to you and I would especially like to see you get down,” Nyong’o said to her grinning costar.

The bet is down to two push-ups and we cannot wait to see where Jordan is forced to do a push-up next. Lupita, if you’re reading this, save one for the Oscars red carpet!

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