Because she’s amazing, Lupita Nyong’o *also* went undercover at Comic-Con as Kylo Ren

Lupita Nyong’o hit San Diego Comic-Con last week to promote Marvel’s Black Panther, but she also took the opportunity to have some fun while she was there dressing up and going out undercover amongst the fans. First as a Pink Ranger and then as Kylo Ren. This might be her final form, just saying.

It’s clear that Ms. Nyong’o is living her best life. She not only got to be on stage in Hall H for the Black Panther panel, but she also managed to find time to run around the floor at Comic-Con dancing and interacting with fans. Since Lupita is currently in not one but TWO huge franchises (Marvel and Star Wars), it’s pretty cool that she managed to hang out in the crowds undetected. First, she danced around as the Pink Ranger from Power Rangers.


She even managed to find time for a Marvel family reunion photo in between panels and changing costumes. They all totally love each other and it’s just so beautiful.

And now, she’s released a video showing her hanging out as Kylo Ren! Wonder what Maz Kanata thinks about that?! It certainly looks like she was having a good time. Check out this Kylo/Thor battle.


She also said hi to Chewie and shopped for some Black Panther merch. Yes, she is living her best life and totally seems like someone we’d want to be friends with. (This is our official request BTW.) Check out the full video of her running around as Kylo Ren:

You can catch Lupita in Star Wars: The Last Jedi in December and Black Panther in February. All Lupita, all of the time is the theme of 2018.

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