The glasses to buy if you want to cop Lupita Nyong’o’s FIERCE spec style

Did you see Lupita Nyong’o at the Golden Globes? She looked like a goddess. Then when she took to the stage to present and put on her GLASSES she looked like a glasses model turned goddess. Everyone and their mama declared Lupita’s oversized specs their new style inspiration and the glasses immediately became a “thing” (they even have their own Twitter account à la Pharrell’s infamous Grammy’s hat).

I don’t know about you, but after seeing the glory of her eyewear, I’ve already flushed my contact lenses down the toilet. Let’s all take a cue from the lovely Miss L and go full on four-eyes!

This is not the first time the fashion world has collectively coveted Lupita’s eyewear. Back in April she wore a pair of Pradas to the MTV Movie Awards and fashion mags hunted down the exact style she was wearing. They found them, and we have no doubt the glasses were purchased by many. We totally respect a woman working to make glasses chic, and keep her eyes happy!

While we’re still not sure exactly what shades she was wearing at the Globes here a few styles we’ve found that will get us a little bit closer to Lupita’s geeky glasses game. Embrace your glasses, gals. If they’re good enough for Lupita, they’re definitely good enough for us., $15.95

Lupita’s frames are similar to a Wayfarer style, and these glasses from Readers totally have that same vibe.

Girlprops, $9.99

These frames are smaller and a tad rounder than Lupita’s but are just as nerdy-cute.

BleuDame, $11.80

If a really round frame is more your steez, check out these circular specs. They also do double duty as Harry Potter-chic.

Bleu Dame, $11.40

Want something with more of a vintage vibe? These frames evoke a ’50s secretary look with their slight cat-eye detail.

ASOS, $30.32

These are also in that same Wayfarer style, but the brown etchings on the bottom are a unique twist.

Happy glasses hunting! Also, we are way ready to pair our next elegant evening look with some specs. Thanks for the inspiration, Lupita (goddess of the glasses).

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