This makeup company is a dream for spooky babes every day of the year

I first heard about LunatiCK Cosmetics when my sister-in-law gifted me products for Christmas one year: a coffin-shaped eyeshadow palette and a pressed powder that resembled a Ouija planchette. I immediately got (black) hearts in my eyes; the makeup brand’s horror-esque aesthetic was my jam. Since then, the brand has grown with even more stunningly spooky products, like eyeshadow, contour, and various lip products. The brand also did a collaboration last year with none other than the Mistress of the Dark herself, Elvira, for her 35th anniversary. Talk about a match made in heaven.

LunatiCK was started in 2012 by Catherine Erwin, who personally handcrafted the cosmetics “like a mad scientist.” Until now, Erwin will still develop and hand-batch the initial coloring samples for each product. Even if you aren’t a horror movie fan, makeup lovers can appreciate LunatiCK’s well-formulated and beautiful products, all while committing to being a vegan and cruelty-free company.

We talked to Erwin about the inspiration for her products, her dream collab, and of course, horror movies.

HelloGiggles: The packaging is some of the coolest and clever I’ve seen. What was the concept and process behind it?

Catherine Erwin: The concept is always easy, it’s the process that is challenging and it can take years to bring a product to fruition. For every 100 ideas, only a few make the cut. My team helps me narrow them down, and from there, the process of development begins. I cannot tell you how many times I have been told our ideas are “too out there” or that they don’t have the type of technology to do what we want. If I listened to any of the people who told me no, I would not have our LunatiCK signature designs, including bullet caliber lipsticks, coffin palettes, or planchette pressed powder. The reason why we have been able to make new, innovative designs is because we don’t stop when the door is shut on us. We keep looking until we find the right people to work with.

HG: How would you describe the LunatiCK Cosmetics customer?

CE: LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs is for everybody! We knew a certain type of person would gravitate to our products and appreciate them but we had no idea that it would explode as much as it did, and for that, we are so grateful! Our products are generally geared towards all of you alternative ladies and gentlemen, stage performers, makeup artists, special effects makeup artists, and everybody in-between, whether you’ve been doing makeup for a week or 30 years. We strongly believe that there are no rules to makeup and everybody has their own unique style. We firmly believe it is time to evolve the beauty industry and promote positivity. It’s time to share, showcase, style, and inspire one another instead of the tearing others down in this often times “ugly” beauty industry. This goes for both consumers and industry folk behind the scenes.

HG: Who are your personal beauty idols?

CE: Beauty is a funny thing — it doesn’t last forever. My mother (Mary Martha) and grandmother (Mary Margaret) are my personal beauty idols. While both beautiful on the outside, they made sure to teach me that beauty will always and forever begin on the inside and show out. Some of my beauty inspirations include Maila Nurmi, Cassandra Peterson, Yvonne De Carlo, Carolyn Jones, and Anjelica Huston to name a few.

HG: How did the collaboration with Elvira happen?

CE: I have been traveling across the country, attending horror conventions for years selling our products. At one of the cons I was attending, she received some product and we linked up after that show. She was a fan of our cosmetics and we (obviously) are huge fans of Cassandra. We worked really hard on the design. We knew we had big shoes to fill in order to commemorate 35 years of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, and we are so proud of this palette!

HG: What are three of your favorite horror movies?

CE: That’s one of the hardest questions you can ask me. I’m obsessed with the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, but love any of the classics. I was so excited for the Evil Dead remake (loved it) and IT remake (really good!). Another series I am obsessed with is Ash vs Evil Dead. Comedic gold packed with blood and guts!

HG: What is your most popular product from the line?

CE: Our Pro Contour Book Palettes are the best sellers, next up to bat is Supernatural Coffin Palette.

HG: What is your favorite makeup trend right now?

CE: I like that the natural eyebrows are back. Too bad I over plucked in high school and still have to draw those babies in!

HG: Can you tell me about your recently launched Lip Dies?

CE: These have been in the works for three years. If I am being completely honest, I hated the liquid-to-matte trend and I had to be convinced to get on it because people were going nuts for them, demanding we work on them! There is an industry standard of liquid-to-matte formula out there that people gravitate to, and we needed to do something to set us apart. We wanted our formula to be full coverage, extremely lightweight, dry down to a smudge-proof finish, and feel like there was nothing on your lips. It took a while, but we finally got some shades approved. We had our packaging for our Lip Dies a long time before we even had the formula down because we kept going back to the drawing board. We are happy we waited and we plan to expand even more in the future with our Lip Dies collection because people love them now!

HG: What are your plans for Halloween this year?

CE: This year we have been celebrating our birthday month with new screaming deals every weekend!

HG: Who or what is your dream collaboration?

CE: Anything within the horror genre would be cool, but a Carrie collection is the first thing that popped into my head. She had a hard time thinking she was beautiful, but then got her confidence when she was pushed to the edge and channeled her inner power!

HG: What’s next for LunatiCK?

CE: What’s next for LunatiCK, to answer you quickly, is expansion and development of new products. We are working on an anniversary palette that’s TO DIE FOR (pun intended), a wider range of colors for our Lip Dies, and a possible new collaboration that we cannot disclose, yet!

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