Luna Lovegood saw “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” and now has some Hogwarts regrets

Luna Lovegood is perhaps one of the most beloved supporting characters in the Harry Potter books (and films), known for such off-beat fashion choices as radish earrings and a roaring, lion’s head hat. Evanna Lynch, the actress who played her in the film, also has strong feelings about fashion. An outspoken vegan and activist, Lynch has tweeted about her excitement at wearing a pair of vegan boots: false

Last night, Lynch became one of the lucky theatergoers to actually see the latest Harry Potter story, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, with her own eyes. As with her “sassy” boots, Lynch shared her enthusiasm on Twitter: false false

Calling the experience “unforgettable,” Lynch gushed about the play in her first two tweets about the show — but by her third, she was already thinking about fashion. Apparently, the costumes in Cursed Child move very well; so well, in fact, that Lynch deeply regrets not unlocking “maximum swish potential” when she was costumed in Hogwarts robes. She calls the whole show “SO SWISHY,” and suddenly, we have a few more reasons why we need to go to London ASAP. false

It makes sense, though: while swishing robes might look weird on film, theatre has to be, well, more theatrical. Movements have to be big and bold to impact an IRL audience — even simply walking can benefit by something a tad bit grander. Like, a pretty sweet Hogwarts robe.


Hopefully, though, Lynch gets a chance to don some swishy robes in the near future. After all, having costarred in the films, the self-described “fangirl” has some solid connections. As for the rest of us, we’ll just be fashioning bedsheets into makeshift robes so we can experience some of the swish at home.