This video of Luna Legend kissing her dog is the best Friday gift we could ever have asked for

If you’re in need of something utterly adorable to start your Friday off right, we have just the thing! This video of Luna Legend kissing her dog, Pippa, might just be the cutest thing on the internet to date.

Mommy Legend (aka Chrissy Teigen) posted this video of the two best friends on her Instagram account.  Teigen, and others in the background, egg Luna on to give Pippa a smooch. Pippa, in the meantime, looks at Luna like, “excuse me but, what are you about to do?”

We’ve honestly just had the video on repeat for the past five minutes, and we’re not stopping any time soon!

Judging by Luna’s blossoming love for animals, we have feeling the littlest Legend might be on her way to becoming an honorary member of the Erwin family.

Here she is checking out what turtles are all about.

She’s really not sure if turtles are her thing. They are a bit confusing, we must say.

Bunnies and other fluffy animals might be more up Luna’s alley.

Well, maybe.

Then again, the aquatic world is pretty fascinating too! Look at all those fishies!

And this seal…?!?!?

At the end of the day — after all the animals Luna meets in her wildlife travels — her heart truly lies with her own furry siblings.

Luna Legend proves that there truly isn’t anything more adorable than babies and animals loving each other. Keep sharing kisses and nurturing your love for animals, Luna! Maybe we’ll be seeing you on our favorite weekend morning nature shows one of these days…

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