Luna is totally entranced by her dad, John Legend, at his concert, because who wouldn’t be?

We are so lucky that Chrissy Teigan keeps posting adorable Luna pictures and videos. And there is no doubt how cute Luna is. Yesterday, Chrissy posted an adorable Instagram video clip showing how enamored Luna was watching her dad John Legend in concert. The one year old couldn’t stop watching the performance as she sat on Teigan’s lap at the Greek Theater in Berkeley, California, on Friday.

Obviously Luna, like the rest of us, is enamored with John Legend’s voice.  She’s definitely proud of her “dada,” and loves to see him sing. Who wouldn’t be entranced by the sound of John Legend’s voice in concert? She is definitely all of us.

Luna can’t keep her eyes off of dada – aww!

It’s clear that she loves being at her dad’s shows. And Legend is definitely happy to have his family on tour with him.

“I’m excited that we’re in the position where we can bring [Luna] on tour this summer and late spring, so that’ll be fun, he told People in April. “I’m in a position where we can make things happen to make sure she’s around us as much as possible.

He admits that having diapers on the tour bus and going to an aquarium is definitely different that his bachelor days, but is super glad to have his family around while being on the road.

We’re glad that little Luna gets to spend so much time with her dad, especially listening to him sing! And we can’t wait to see more adorable pictures and videos.

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