Soothe yourself to sleep with these lullaby renditions of Rihanna songs

When we listen to Rihanna’s music, we don’t exactly think, “Wow, this could soothe a newborn baby to sleep.” Nor would we consider some of her songs kid-friendly in general, TBH — shall we point to “S&M“? However, Rockabye Baby! has proved us totally, 100% wrong. It turns out that Rihanna’s music actually works amazingly as lullabies and we’re kind of in love.

The LA-based label “takes the rock music parents love and transforms it into soothing instrumental lullabies,” according to Rockabye Baby!‘s official site. So if you’re craving some RiRi but also need your little one to fall asleep you’ve got the perfect album. And it turns out that Rihanna’s music all translates *so* well to low-key music played with gentle xylophones and triangles. Even “Rude Boy,” which literally all about sex, sounds so calming and lovely and could probably put Baby into a long, deep sleep.

Rockabye Baby! has also transformed music by bands and artists like NirvanaFall Out BoyDavid Bowie, MuseThe BeatlesAC/DC, Coldplay, Eagles, Eminem, Jay Z, Kanye West, and Pink Floyd, to name just a few.

“We plan our releases a year in advance, so we had no idea [Rihanna] would be touring right now,” Lisa Roth, sister of David Lee Roth and the brains behind Rockabye Baby!, told New York Post about the album. “The only way it could have worked out better is if she was pregnant!”

Honestly, we know this music is supposed to be for babies, but it’s so pretty and calming that we might listen to Rihanna’s music as lullabies to wind down. Check out the full album below for a soothing, fresh take of your fave Rihanna hits . . . maybe while you’re in bed, though.

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