LuLaRoe allegedly pressured saleswomen to sell their breast milk so they could buy more inventory

Chances are that if you’re on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve heard of LuLaRoe, the clothing company that sells its inventory through specific online sellers. But now, the brand is under fire for  a reason we couldn’t even make up if we wanted to. LuLaRoe has allegedly been pressuring salespeople to sell their breast milk to afford their inventory. Yes, we’re serious.

The company has a class-action lawsuit filed against them, with plaintiffs calling the brand out for making them max out multiple credit cards while trying to convince them to sell breast milk for more inventory money.

According to Teen Vogue, the lawsuit says,

"Consultants are instructed to keep around $20,000 worth of inventory on hand, and are inundated with the phrase 'buy more, sell more. These incentives mean new consultants are aggressively pressured to continue purchasing wholesale inventory even when the inventory they have is not selling, is unlikely to sell, or is piling up in their garage."

The culture around this brand seems toxic, especially when you take into consideration how pushy they can be about sales.

In an interview with Buzzfeed News, former LuLaRoe seller Jade Gill stated, “The LuLaRoe culture also caused me to have to go on anxiety and depression medication because it was constantly pounded into our heads: ‘If you can’t make this business work, it’s your fault. You’re not putting enough work into it.’”

It’s one thing to know what you signed up for — it’s another to be told to sell breast milk. A woman should never feel pressured to share a part of herself for money, especially not from a corporation. We hope that justice is served and that LuLaRoe sees the error of its ways.

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