This leggings brand has a major Facebook cult following

Leggings have emerged to be a controversial fashion topic time and time again, whether they’re the subject of a dress code or if we can consider them “pants”. For those who love them, it’s no question — leggings are a pivotal part of one’s wardrobe. The popularity of LuLaRoe, a cult leggings brand sold largely through social media, proves that this piece of clothing indeed has influence, brushing all those leggings haters aside.

According to Racked, LuLaRoe launched in 2012 by a mom who wanted to figure out a way to work from home. She began working on her own clothing collection with a focus on modesty, so her styles could still be in line with her Mormon faith. Due to the clothing’s inexpensive prices ($25 per pair) and comfortable fabrics, LuLaRoe ended up finding success outside of the modesty scene.

Search for “LuLaRoe” on Facebook and numerous groups and pages will pop up in the results. This is because LuLaRoe doesn’t sell to regular retailers or have its own online boutique. Instead, the company employs consultants who operate as individual business owners. Many consultants sell the pieces, which also include skirts, dresses, and tops, through social media and pop-up parties.

An expansive, yet simple size run for their incredibly soft, “butter” leggings  helps contribute to LaRoe’s popularity. They are only available in two sizes — one for women sized 0 to 12, and a “tall and curvy” option for women who wear sizes 12 to 22. “I basically used to dress only so that I wasn’t naked at work,” LuLaRoe consultant Leah Nicole told Racked. “Now, when I get dressed for work in the morning, I feel like a completely different person. It makes me feel much prettier than I usually do. I feel so much prettier as a short, curvy woman in LuLaRoe.”

Want to give LuLaRoe a go yourself? More than likely, someone you know already belongs to a LuLaRoe Facebook group and they can hook you up. You’ll need something comfy for all those summer Netflix marathons coming up.

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