You can actually visit Luke’s Diner from “Gilmore Girls” IF you’re at VidCon

Prepare to have the ultimate case of VidCon FOMO: Netflix has assembled an amazing booth for their streaming service, because of course they have, and it is Gilmore Girls themed. Specifically, Luke’s Diner themed, and ugggggggghhhhhh, we want to go to there.

The next best thing to visiting the (fictional) Luke’s Diner is, of course, getting to stand by a real (fake) one at VidCon in Anaheim, California. According to pictures posted from the floor of the annual video convention, Netflix spared no expense setting up a mini version of our favorite place to get coffee. There’s a counter, some stools, and even Luke’s iconic sign. Unfortunately, there is no Luke, but hey, let’s not get greedy.

The display has a video screen in it, showing the beautiful Gilmore Girls promo poster, along with a friendly reminder that right now, you can stream all seven seasons of the show ahead of the A Year in the Life revival.

As you can imagine, Gilmore Girls fans at VidCon are FREAKING OUT. We’re FREAKING OUT just looking at these pictures.

There’s also a display for Fuller House, if you really need a nostgalic overload.

And you know what a display at VidCon means, right? The official announcement of the release date is coming! JK! That’s not a thing, but we wish it was! Just like we wish we could put this Luke’s Diner in our living room.

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