If you saved your Luke’s Diner cup, you can make a ton of money on ebay

All Gilmore Girls junkies are beyond excited for the upcoming Netflix reboot of the popular show, that is a total given.

And as we all know that excitement hit a fever pitch this week with the announcement of ‘Luke’s Diner’ coffee shops popping up all over the country to promote the hit show for it’s 16th anniversary.

And turns out there is even more news for Gilmore Girls fans to get excited about!


Believe it or not, your used Luke’s Diner cup can get you a ton of money on ebay!

According to Time there have been apparently reports of fans selling their cups for as much as $99 on ebay, and people are bidding!

And while some of you might be wondering who would be willing to shell out for a used coffee cup (especially a paper one!) we have to remind you that this isn’t regular coffee, this is Luke’s Diner coffee. The best coffee in all of Stars Hallow! (Except for maybe the first cup in the morning in Lorelai’s kitchen, she always seemed pretty excited about that.) Also you should never underestimate how intense Gilmore Girls fans can get about the show. Or about coffee in general.


Luckily if you missed the pop-up shop you can order a Luke’s Diner sleeve online, although we totally understand if you feel like it’s not the same as the used coffee cup from one of the pop-up shops.

Either way, warm up with a good cup of joe, and get ready for the new episodes of Gilmore Girls, premiering on November 25th, 2016! Be sure to snuggle up with way too much take out when you watch it, just like Lorelai and Rory!

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