‘Star Wars’ fans: This is Luke Skywalker’s screen test

Want to see Mark Hamill’s original screen test for Luke Skywalker? I bet you do! I know I did! Well, thanks to the Internet, now every day can feel like Star Wars Day. And yes, we can see the original Marky Mark land that Luke Skywalker role.

Care of YouTube user, humbleradio, we’ve got a look at what it was like for Hamill to read with his future co-star, Harrison Ford. The vid was uploaded a few years ago, but with all this Star Wars furor we stumbled upon it again and rediscovered how much love it. There’s no date or time stamp on the video, so who knows exactly how long before production this screen test was shot, but the two men working their hardest is heartwarming. Also, was Ford even cast as Han Solo during this read?

As Star Wars lore has it, Ford was actually working as a carpenter for Star Wars’ director, George Lucas, and Lucas hired Ford as a sit-in to read lines with auditioning actors. Lucas grew to like Ford’s take on the space pirate so much, he eventually cast him in the role. How’s that for history?

This here screen test, though, is all about Hamill. He delivers Luke’s lines with such ease, it’s impossible to picture him not as Luke. Lucas agrees, because at the very end of the video you can hear him say, “OK, good!” We concur.

Check out the whole five-minute screen test below, in beautiful black and white and recorded on a super-old school cam. Happy Star Wars Day! (Which, is every day.)

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