Luke Skywalker has the best celebrity autograph in the galaxy

You can’t escape Star Wars fever, it’s everywhere, it’s even made its way up into space where a group of astronauts spent Christmas on the International Space Station fandude-ing out about their Force Awakens screener.

With all the hype and craziness right now, the most diehard of fans want to make sure their Star Wars swag is the real deal. And Mark Hamill AKA Luke Skywalker is here to help. He’s taken to Twitter to help fans verify that the Hamill autographs they own are the real deal:

“I’m so sorry there’s so many fans spending their hard-earned money for fraudulent signatures,” Hamill said on Twitter.

So obviously, it’s really lovely of Hamill to take the time to help his fans confirm that their Skywalker signatures are legit. But here’s where thing get hilarious: oftentimes, the real Hamill autographs are accompanied by the corniest of dad jokes.

Case in point:

As it turns out, Hamill LOOOOOOOOOVES adding Star Wars jokes to his autographs. If the autographee prefers the signature simple, that’s what they get. Bu if not…

Here’s a Star Wars/Grease mashup that Hamill verified:

And this lucky fan has TWO Hamill joke-graphs:

Also, Hamill apparently does NOT shy away from the sass and snark:

So, basically, if you have a Mark Hamill signature and it comes with a wonderfully corny joke… it’s probably real.

(Images via Lucasfilm)

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