Luke from “Halloweentown” is now a totally hot dad and we’re spellbound

We’re not gonna lie, maybe our favorite part about the internet’s collective Halloween obsession is that it gives us free reign to discuss Halloweentown for thirty-one whole days. Do you know how many posts we can write about a decade-old DCOM series in that time? No? Well, neither do we, but we’re definitely gonna find out.

Today’s Halloweentown topic of interest is good old Luke, Marnie’s semi-bad boy turned good guy friend from the first two movies (who totally had a crush on her and this was NEVER RESOLVED and we’re still kind of bitter about it to be perfectly honest).

We really liked Luke back in the day — he was kinda charming and kinda cute, and we really think Marnie should’ve gone for it, but, y’know, she had world-saving to worry about, which is totally fair.


But we’re not here to talk about Luke of the early 2000s. We’re here today to talk about Luke, aka Phillip Van Dyke in 2016, who is a SUPER hot dad.

Like, he is the ultimate hot dad package. Not only was he in Halloweentown, which INSTANTLY endears him to us very deeply, but he grew up to be a super good-looking silver fox with super cute kids.

Frankly, this is too much for us to handle:

Swoon city.

You can tell from his instagram that he’s a super proud dad, which we obviously love. You can also tell that if you hung out with him in person, you’d get lost in his eyes.

Um… so, howzabout a Halloweentown reunion, Disney? We’re sure Marnie won’t throw away a second shot at this DILFy dream boat.

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