Luke from the “Gilmore Girls” said he wants to do a revival every year and we agree

We love little more in life than Gilmore Girls, and we just heard the most excellent news. Luke wants a Gilmore Girls revival every year, according to The Hollywood Reporter. And we most definitely agree.

After all, November 25th cannot get here soon enough, amirite?!

If you’re wondering what happens that day, it’s the day we’ve all been waiting for: Gilmore Girls’ four-part revival on Netflix. Called Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, it starts nine years later and most of the original cast from the WB-then-CW show is in it. Of course, we are beyond excited.

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After all, ICYMI, we’ve shared our Gilmore Girls-related thoughts many times. For instance, we told you how to take a Gilmore Girls road trip, shared our two cents about Lorelai’s fashion, and, basically, why we love the show so much. So so so so soooo much! #GilmoreGirlsForever!

Plus, is it just us, or do you wish Luke’s Diner existed IRL, and more than just as pop-up ones?!

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So who’s behind the revival? None other than the show’s creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, along with her  husband and executive producer, Dan Palladino. (ICYMI, the two had left the show at the end of Season 6 due to a contract dispute.) And we are so happy they’re back!

Scott Patterson, aka Luke, talked to The Hollywood Reporter about the revival. “I was really happy to come back because I’ve done a lot of jobs since and they just… this was always going to be the best job I ever had,” said Patterson. “These were always going to be the best people that I was ever going to work with in television — not that I haven’t worked with some great people after the series ended — but this is the unique thing that it is. This is an iconic show.”

Our sentiments exactly!

After all, even before the revival came up, we always had a crush on Luke, as well as the on/off relationship he and Lorelai had.

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And though Patterson’s been keeping busy in his non-Gilmore Girls life, like with his rock/blues/punk band, Smith Radio, nothing can replace him on Gilmore Girls! Agreed?!

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It’d be nice to do it every year, Patterson said. “Maybe every two years, do a three-month thing, do four more chapters. It was easy to do. It was really rewarding and people got a sense that, if this was going to be the last thing, that we now have some closure.

Okay, closure’s fine and all, but we hope the TV gods hear what Patterson said about “nice to do it every year.”

Meanwhile, November 25th, are you here yet?!