Luke Evans Is Spilling About the New ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Prequel Series

We'll learn about Gaston before he tried to "woo and marry Belle."

Earlier this year, we learned that Disney+ will be creating a Beauty and the Beast prequel series. However, details about the project were sparse—and still, as of July, we only know that Luke Evans and Josh Gad have officially signed on and that the series may only be centered around Gaston and LeFou. But that’s all we really need to know to be more than interested because, according to Evans, this musical prequel series is going to be a blast to watch.

“Josh and I have read two or three episodes now,” Evans told Variety’s Marc Malkin during a July 16th interview. “We’ve heard some of the new songs written by Mr. [Alan] Menken himself. We are so excited about this.” New songs by the icon Alan Menken? Sold.

Evans and Gad will reprise their roles from the 2017 live-action adaptation of the Disney classic animated version of Beauty and the Beast.

The series will delve into Gaston and LeFou’s backstory, explaining how they were living that “provincial life” and making plans for Gaston to “woo and marry Belle.” Prior reports state that the six-episode prequel series will be helmed by Once Upon A Time creators Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz.

Although other Beauty and the Beast stars like Emma Watson (Belle) and Dan Stevens (Beast) have not yet signed on, Evans hints that there will be guest appearances and cameos galore. “I mean a smorgasbord of cameos—can you imagine?” he laughed. “You never know who will pop up on this show.”

Again, Evans kept mum on many details about the upcoming project, but he did confirm that he’s so excited to team up with Gad again. “Me and Josh have chemistry,” Evans told Malkin. “As friends we had it, and luckily it transferred to the screen and people got it.”

“Because we were sort of the fun characters that people laughed at, we would often talk about doing an at-home with Gaston and LeFou, or LeFou and Gaston go on a road trip, or LeFou and Gaston have a cooking show, or a men’s [gym],” he continued. “Fans put our names together and made us GaFou.”

Evans said, “It’s going to be a joy to bring to life a new story that no one knows. It’s all come together very nicely, rather quickly actually, and hopefully production will start sometime next year.”

If you needed yet another reason to hop on the Disney+ train (Hamilton aside), here’s your sign.

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