Lucy Liu Said She’s Already Instilling Body-Positive Values in Her Young Son

Liu believes in having a "sense of openness with your body."

In an interview with Women’s Health published today, Charlie’s Angels star Lucy Liu shared that she is teaching her 5-year-old son, Rockwell, to be body positive. Liu mentioned that she doesn’t use “silly names” to discuss his anatomy and allows him to be completely comfortable at home.

There should be a sense of openness with your body, to run around naked and to feel the freedom of that until you don’t feel comfortable doing it anymore, she said in her interview. When he decides he doesn’t want to run around naked, then that’s fine.

The 52-year-old actress also shared that she is very intentional with taking care of her body and “being as healthy as possible for Rockwell.” After one year of being vegan, Liu transitioned back to vegetarianism to share more meals with her son and cooperate with her acupuncturist’s suggestion to eat eggs.

“I make a lot of things for my son that have cheese and eggs in them, so I eat with him because he loves sharing food,” Liu said.

As the pandemic changed lives for parents all over the world, Liu’s motherhood was filled with reading, eating, drawing, and even playing the ukulele with her son. Opposed to her previous film career filled with predominantly action roles, Liu has slowed down her busy life to spend more time with Rockwell.

Having him know that this is home, and I’m home, is really a nice feeling, she said.

Rockwell recently celebrated his fifth birthday in August 2020. “My darling son turned 5 yesterday,” Liu wrote on Instagram. “He is a rainbow of light and his energy is pure magic. As a human being, a woman, a mother, a daughter – now more than ever we must come together to fight for the soul of this nation. Let’s all wish as hard as he is for a brighter and safer future for our children and Mother Earth.”

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