Lucy Liu’s loving gaze at her new baby is our sweetness break of the day

The world can be a hard, rough, scary place. Every day, the news seems to bring more signs that we are totally, utterly doomed as a species, or at least mighty effed—and that it’s probably our own dumb fault [saddest, deepest, darkest face emoji].

Just this week, there was news of a senseless shooting of two young shining humans in Virginia, kids are getting stolen, there’s rampant violence against women, our world is on fire, there are droughts,  there is Jared, there’s Trump.

So we turn to videos of dogs protecting kittens. Or we turn to blooper reels. Or we turn to each other and smile and hug and cry. Or we look at a picture of a woman who really really wanted a baby, who has so much love in her downward gaze that she looks ready to burst, and we think for a second about moms and love and newness and kindness and hope. Congratulations, Lucy Liu and little Rockwell Lloyd Liu. Thanks for helping us remember goodness.