Lucy Hale was caught by the paparazzi in zit cream and sweats and handled it like a champ

Yesterday, Lucy Hale posted what was just about the most relatable photo of all time. You know how we sometimes sneak from our homes rocking layers of ~sexy~ acne cream and our oldest sweats? Well, so does Lucy Hale. Except, ya know, she’s famous, so she was photographed in the midst of her super stylish moment.

The PLL fave had the *best* reaction to being caught in zit cream and sweats. Instead of panicking or being embarrassed, she just laughed it off, tear-eyed emoji and all. Because it’s really no big deal. Girls get zits, just like we poop. We are, contrary to popular belief, human in all of its messy glory.

“When you’re caught with zit cream and a really chic outfit ?”

You can see the pic here.

We remain 100% in love with the fact that Hale can go from super chill to super chic in an instant, proving that she deserves a place in our #StyleGoals.

Like, seriously. Look at this super relaxed look.

We need that tee, like, yesterday.

But then check how STUNNING she looks in this selfie.

What a MAJOR beauty queen. Her eyebrows torture us in the BEST way.

Also proving her laid back vibes? Her #TBT.

Oh, Lucy Hale. We love you so.


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