Lucy Hale tried GlamGlow’s highly anticipated glitter mask, and now we have FOMO

Lucy Hale got to test drive the new GlamGlow glitter mask before it launches, and we have SO much FOMO.

The actress shared pics of the much-anticipated glitter facial treatment on her Instagram story this weekend. The sparkling version of GlamGlow’s best-selling GravityMud tightening and firming treatment won’t be released until December 1st, and we’re jealous that Lucy got to try it first.

GravityMud is an award-winning fan-favorite product that comes in wild colors and styles, so it makes perfect sense that glitter is the next frontier.

Holographic sparkle treatment is more than just a pretty thing you put on your face. All the benefits of the original GravityMud treatment are present in this new version as well. The glitter formula contains all of GlamGlow’s special ingredients and complexes, all of which have very sci-fi sounding names and tighten, tone, invigorate, and firm skin and define contours.

GlamGlow’s secret weapon ingredients include:

VIZITIGHT, a firming matrix containing marine algae plasma; LUNARLIFT, made from soy and red algae extract; COSMIPLEXION, made of Icelandic kelp, hyaluronic acid, and glacial clay; and finally, TEAOXI, a complex of marshmallow and licorice leaf. It sounds out of this world, but it’s all good for you.

Skin care, but make it fashion.


To use, simply paint on the mask of tiny stars. Stir before applying it with the included brush (and avoid eyebrows and hairline — it’s not a wax but don’t risk it). Then, sit under the Christmas tree until it dries. Take a selfie, and peel it off to reveal tightened and toned skin.

It looks like a galaxy. Love.


We think we’ll love this as much as Lucy does.


OMG, the Kira Kira video is gonna look so cool.


The GlamGlow GRAVITYMUD Firming Treatment Glitter Mask ($69) will be available December 1st on

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