Lucy Hale says she “loves being single,” and her thoughts on her dating history are so relatable

Actress Lucy Hale is spilling the nitty-gritty details about life behind what she sees as her good-girl image. Best known for playing Aria in Pretty Little Liars, Hale expressed her excitement to move onto new projects, including the CW’s Katy Keene, which premieres on February 6th. And she also expressed how happy she is to be single during this time of change.

"When I was younger, I was constantly wanting to be with or date someone because I was so deathly afraid of being single or by myself," Lucy told Cosmopolitan. "Now, I’m at the point where if I meet someone, they better really elevate my life, because I love being single."

Hale, now 30, also divulged that she’s loving her Kyleena IUD. “I don’t want kids for a while,” she said.

It took her a while to get to the point where she can say “single life rules” and mean it. Like so many of us, Hale thought she could “fix” a bad boy, and often fell for dudes that simply weren’t worth her time.

"I used to be really drawn to, like, damaged people who had been through some shit, she said. “Now, I’m like, You can be nice but not boring. Nice but not a dud.

Even though she’s enjoying the single life, Hale has dabbled in the world of dating apps—specifically, the kind where you have to be a certain someone to join, if you catch our drift—with the goal being to find one of these nice/fun guys to do fun things with.

"John Mayer is on there," Hale said. "And I pressed yes for him, but I don’t think he pressed yes for me."

You messed up, John Mayer. You really messed up.

Despite wanting someone to hang out with now and again, Hale isn’t looking for anyone to pull her away from her freedom. Talking about her recent hair chop, she told Cosmopolitan that men are quick to share their opinions about her look, and honestly, why are they like that?

“I couldn’t tell you the amount of times when guys were like, ‘You should grow your hair out again. I like long hair.’ I’m like, ‘I’m not cutting my fucking hair for you.’ I cut my hair for me. And I feel great with it this way...I truly don't dress from men at all," she added. "I dress for me and what I think looks cool."

Lucy Hale just earned a spot on our 2020 inspiration board. We’re doing whatever the heck we want this year, and random dudes’ opinions don’t mean ish.

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