Lucy Hale Has Red Hair Now, and Sarah Hyland Thinks They’re Twins

Hale dyed it in her sink and documented it on Instagram.

She’s known for her signature brunette hair, but Lucy Hale just made a major change. The Pretty Little Liars alum dyed her hair red for the first time, sharing photos of her (safe!) dyeing experience in her kitchen sink. Then, after posting her red hair reveal, Hale received a text from her friend Sarah Hyland who thinks they are totally twinning now. Yup, we can’t un-see it.

Yesterday, September 28th, Hale posted a short video to her Instagram feed, captioning it, did a thing 👩🏻‍🦰.

In the video, she tosses around her ginger red hair in a wavy bob. She tagged stylist Kristin Ess, who also posted the same video, explaining a little bit more about Hale’s hair transformation.

“I mean!!!! ?,” Ess wrote in the caption. “@lucyhale has had every hair color under the sun EXCEPT red. My lil colorist heart is full and now we officially know this chick looks good with any hair color ?????‍?????‍??”

Ess also was careful to note that she and Hale followed guidelines and tested for COVID-19 before their in-home dyeing session. The PLL star shared a pic of that salon session, from her own kitchen sink, to her Story, and this is some real quarantine-era content.

lucy hale red hair

Later, Hyland presumably caught a glimpse of Hale’s red hair transformation and thought that she was looking in the mirror, not at someone else’s Instagram feed. Hale posted a grab of her text conversation with the Modern Family star to her Story.

In the convo, Hyland sent along a pic of her own red hair and texted, officially twins now?

Hyland accidentally dyed her own hair red earlier in the summer. Look, we didn’t totally see it before, but these two could definitely play sisters in a tragicomedy at some point.

lucy hale and sarah hyland red hair

If anyone wants to make that movie with redheaded stars Hyland and Hale, we’ll be the first to rent it on VOD.

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